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Who we are

Idroservice S.r.l. is a leading company in the field of primary water treatment for industrial and civil / residential. In our facility in Pomezia (near Rome-Italy) we design, manufacture and distribute equipment and chemicals for water treatment.

What we do


We build in our mechanical workshop: reverse osmosis desalination systems for well/sea water, ultraviolet sterilizers (with our brand UV STAR) , filters, softeners, iron and arsenic removal systems, carbon steel or stainless steel tanks, biological systems, Dissolved Air Flotation systems, chemical/physical plants for car washes.
We produce in our chemical department a complete range of chemicals for reverse osmosis systems (antiscalants, products for cleaning membranes, products for post-treatment of the permeate), chemicals for pools, chemicals for boiler waters (with our brand NYTRA CHEMICAL).


The experience and professionality acquired over the years allows us to evaluate, select, monitor and acquire the best components and materials available on the global market, providing its customers high quality products (comply with European standards), and competitive prices.
For these reasons, we import directly from the best manufacturers and store in a large warehouse filter media (such as activated carbon, ion exchange resins, pyrolusite), reverse osmosis membranes APPLIED MEMBRANES, AQUASHELL JURBY WATER TECH fiberglass tanks, PENTAIR valves (Siata, Autotrol, Fleck), AQUASTAR filter housings and cartridges, EMEC metering pumps, GARDNER DENVER-NAISH ELMO blowers.

Who we work for

We cater exclusively to water treatment companies and OEM.